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All relevant tests included before using of suspended platform
Aug 23, 2017

In addition to some more advanced electric suspended platform, the traditional equipment such as pedal suspended platform has been used. As a high-altitude operation equipment, the pedal suspended platform must be subjected to a series of tests before put into use. The purpose is to ensure the safety of suspended platform and staff during operation.

The focus is test the lifting position of suspended platform, which is a very important control system during the basket hoist lifting process. So when it rises and down to a certain position, you must be confirmed it has fixed to building, and then operators enter.

The relevant safety standards stipulate that the horizontal distance between the suspended platform and the building can not exceed 20c. If the suspended platform is shaking in the process of lifting, then you should take fixed measures timely, during which personnel shall not continue to work. At the same time, the lifting wire rope must be kept vertical to the ground, and not allowed to pull.

There is to determine the stability of the suspended platform, one of the basis of measurement is the electric control box. So even if there is a sudden emergency situation, the electric control box can respond in timely and avoid occurrence of failure.

If the suspended platform is to be moved horizontally, you should laid down it to the ground and loose the lifting wire rope. Don’t lift the pedal suspended platform until change the roof cantilever beam position and fix it. Only in this way, we can ensure that use it smoothly, and achieve better application results.