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Correct Basic Norms of Operating Building Hoist
Sep 07, 2017

Each mechanical equipment operation has a set of their own standards and systems, building hoists are no exception. With the operating standards, the staff can use this as a basis to skilled operate the building hoist, so that to finish the tasks successfully and smoothly. 

Of course, as the operator of building hoist, you must also go through the  training and audit of relevant departments,and you can become a qualified personnel when you go through this. In this way, it can also reduce the risk of human misuse as few as possible, making the equipment can be smooth up and down. 

Before using the building hoist, do not forget to have a thorough inspection of the equipment, test it and test the performance and actual status of the equipment. In the actual operation, if the building hoist up to the highest point and the lowest point, it should put an end to their contact with each other, and put the limit valve to return to normal.

When the staff leave the building hoist, remember to put the equipment away, and turn off the power gate valve, to avoid operation by other others(not operators), resulting in unnecessary consequences. In addition, do not allow to maintain the building hoist when the hoist is operating, even to do so, you must to cut off the power.

The correct operations of building hoist are those. We hope that the majority of users can skillful master the equipment specification before operation, which not only are good for the use of construction lifts and to complete the construction project on time, but also to ensure the safety of personnel’

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