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Different performance of frequency conversion building hoist compared with general building hoist
Sep 14, 2017

Building hoists as a typical transport equipment, which has been widely used with high-rise building personnel transport and vertical transport of materials. After years of development, the building hoist has undergone great changes. At present, the frequency building hoist has been used widely. 

Compared to the general building hoist, the frequency conversion building hoist  has a significant improvement in all aspects, for example, it uses a high-performance magnetic flux vector control mode, even it can also provide a stable high output torque in the low frequency band. At the same time, the frequency conversion building hoist also has a zero service function, so that the motor at zero speed can be full torque output, even if the brake loosening or failure, it will not appear heavy down, which to ensure the system safe and reliable.

It can be seen that advanced modern AC variable frequency speed control technology applied to the power drag system of building hoist, which help you make the operation of the device more stable and further improve the efficiency. And improve the overload operation of building hoist and eliminate the impact from the brake, which not only can reduce power consumption, but also improve the power factor.

As the frequency control system has a complete security protection, including undervoltage, overvoltage, over torque, over current protection, so the entire electronic control system of building hoist will become more reliable and safe. Compare with the traditional construction lifts, the service life of building hoist can also be extended a lot.

The traditional leveling of the leveling layer is controlled by the driver by visual control to achieve, it’s not only inefficient, but also often on the next few times to move a few times to stop, which will reduce the efficiency and increase drag and control system fatigue and short the life. After adopting the frequency conversion system, the construction of the level of the leveling layer is more simplified, which completely replace the high failure rate of the relay system.