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Every corner of the suspended platform should be cleaned
Sep 05, 2017

Cleanness should be included in the maintenance of suspended platform in the suspended platform instructions. The cleaning of the suspended platform can start from its surface and gradually remove the impurities such as the wire rope, the electrical box, the safety lock, the hoist, and the various connectors, fasteners and so on, which is to restore its fresh surface and superior performance.

First of all, you should check the surface of the suspended platform and clean it, and you should clear the dirt. At the same time, you also pay attention to maintaining the appearance of the suspended platform paint layer, which will help improve the surface of the anti-corrosion ability. Then, check the wire rope of suspended platform, and clean up the dirt attached to the above timely. Secondly, the inside and outside of the electric box should also adhere to clean, not only to keep its surface clean, and not the tools or other information into the box. And to prevent the electrical box, limit switches and cables by external impact, so that it can maintain a good stable working condition.

In addition, you should remove the debris of safety lock appearance promptly , and pay attention to the safety lock protection measures to prevent debris into the lock, and resulting in security lock failure. When the suspended platform is in operation, you should prevent the collision of safety lock, do a good protection work after operation, to prevent rain, snow and other debris into the lock.

In addition, you should also remove the hoist surface and work wire rope dirt, to prevent the debris go into the rope inlet pipe and rope outlet pipe, so as not to damage the machine parts. As far as possible to cover it after the operation, so help to prevent rain, debris and other intrusion.

From the above analysis, basically, every part of the suspended platform should be clean, of course, you should also pay attention to the clean way to ensure that the complete removal of debris under the premise of the integrity of parts , so that the suspended platform always have a good performance.