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How many people can hold in the electric suspended platform at the same time?
Sep 08, 2017

People often ask these questions when consulting about electric baskets, such as, how many people can hold in the electric suspended platform to work together? And in fact the number of electric basket can accommodate is up to the load of suspended platform, the size of the suspended platform and other factors.

Electric suspended platforms have different load capacity, the general standard electric suspended platforms are 600KG and 800KG, in addition to, there also others, such as, 300KG, 400KG, 500KG and and so on. So the electric suspended platform can carry the number of people and goods mainly depends on its rated load.

It also depends on the size of the electric suspended platform,for security reasons, high-altitude operations can not be crowded, and the space should be relaxed. But one person maybe a little waste of resources, and more than 3 people will appear crowded, so usually it can accommodate two people to operate at the same time.


In the aerial work process, the operator's personal safety should be placed in the first place, so it must not be overloaded, nor too crowded, and you must add weight of construction materials when calculated. In order to protect the safety of the electric basket during the operation, except control the number of operations, you should test the length and diameter of its wire rope to ensure that meet customer requirements standards.

We have to separate the various parts of the electric suspended platform, and pay attention to check the edges and corners of the gap is suitable or not, it can not have deformation wear and damage and so on. There are also electric devices of suspended platform, you should main check the various components of the circuit board is connected correctly.

In the premise of reliable quality of the electric basket, the standard electric suspended platform hold two people is OK , of course, subject to the actual situation prevail, as long as the total load within the capacity load is OK.