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How promise the stability of suspended platform?
Aug 25, 2017

You should know that stability is the premise to ensure the safe operation of suspended platform. So it is bound to make the suspended platform keep stability in the course of usage. To do this is neither easy nor difficult, as long as the following can be done on the matter.

When the suspended platform is in the process of lifting or in the positioning of the time, you have to make the wire rope and the ground into a vertical state. That is, the wire rope of suspended platform have to stay vertical with the ground. There is not allow appear cable-stayed when lifting wire rope, so as to avoid a certain degree of shaking.

In the aerial work, the suspended platform is easy to move up and down, but it can not be completed directly to lateral movement. You must drop the suspended platform to the ground at first, and then in the horizontal movement and loose the wire rope, which is the correct method. 

It is not allow to operate immediately when the suspended platform get to the designated location, you must first fully confirm the suspended platform and the building has been fixed and then operate the suspended platform. In addition, the horizontal distance between the suspended platform and the building should be effectively controlled, usually not more than 20 mm.

During the aerial work, if the suspended platform is shaken by other external factors, it is necessary to take a timely method to fasten it. Rather than in the state of shaking still continue to operate, so as to avoid unnecessary danger.

If the above cases can finish, then the stability of the suspended platform will be significantly improved. And high-altitude operations can be more secure, reliable completion, which fully reflects the importance of the suspended platform in this area.