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How to fasten the steel rope of suspended platform
Sep 11, 2017

The suspended platform is very common lifting equipment in building construction project. The steel rope is used on each side of the suspended platform. In order to ensure the safety of equipment operation, steel wire rope head must ensure a reliable connection, what are the specific connections?

The connecting way of the wire rope head of each part of suspended platform should be suitable and firm, so adopting pouring, weaving, forging, and wedge fasteners. Moreover, the rope in the suspended platform is also equipped with a reasonable number of Wire ropes clamps. The specific quantity is related to the diameter of the wire rope and the type of clamp. U clamp needs 3pcs at least.

Safety Suspended Access Platforms.png

The test proves that the spacing of the clamps on the rope cannot less than 6 times of the diameter of the wire rope, and the length of the rope head between the last clamp shall not be less than 140mm. Try to tie it with fine wire when using.

As the rope clamp of the hanging suspended platform, the pulley should be placed on the side of the rope when it works, and the U bolt should be tied at the end of the wire rope. It is important to emphasize that you must not set the clamp vertically and negatively; and the clamp must be fixed before the rope is forced and should be tighten again after forced.

In order to avoid the hidden dangers of the suspended platform, when the rope is used to fix the steel rope, the parameters such as the number of the clamps, the distance between the clamps, the setting of the rope and the length of the tail end etc. must be determined in accordance with the relevant standards.