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How to install and check the ZLP suspended platform
Jul 11, 2017

Suspended platform is applied to the construction sites widely, and the electric suspended platform is used first for its easiness. The installation quality will affect the service life, so how to correctly install the suspended platform is very important.

Preparation and debugging before installing is necessary. Do comprehensive and detailed inspections to electric suspended platform, such as push the button to observe whether equipment works normally or noisy.

The product manual must be read before installing by the operator who has been trained, so that the operator can fully grasp the working principle of the equipment, precautions and safety procedures, thereby reducing the probability of human error.

And then in accordance with assembly sequence of suspended platform, which involves the heavy weight that should be equipped with enough weight, and the torque of the side of counterweight should be three times of the torque of electric crane.

The parts of suspended platform should be connected firmly to each other.

After the above work is completed, it is necessary to put the safety rope of the suspended platform into the safety lock and hang the heavy hammer. Then start the motor, then put wire rope into the hoist, and the rope should automatically come out from the rope outlet pipe. There is no problem with suspended platform before it put into use.

When the suspended platform is running, the inspection and maintenance must be inspected on a regular basis. Check the contents of the suspended platform, including the electromagnetic brake friction plate wear, cable damage, and broken wire, loose stock, bending, etc. If it ups to the scrapped retirements, you should change it.

Safety lock is an essential safety protection device of the suspended platform. After using each time, you should add anti-rust oil to ensure it is flexible. At the same time to regularly check the safety lock calibration, if the condition isn’t up to the standard, you should send it to the manufacture.