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Regards safety as the first place during the usage of suspended platform
Jul 14, 2017

Suspended platform not only has various kinds, but also has widely usage especially apply to the construction. It can apply to facade building maintenance of outside wall, the maintenance and cleaning of bridge and dam and so on. Of course, you can’t ignore the safety of suspended platform in any procedure.

Owing to the construction plan is the premise and requisite condition of successful construction, and suspended platform construction is no exception. In the suspended platform construction, you must to notice the choice of equipment, some  notices of installation, operation and dismantle and arrangement of detailed configuration.

Of course, the project must have the approval of related department and the department must have grasp of its relevance and feasibility. In a word, the choice of suspended platform must aim at features of construction. That is, it must meet requirements of  construction and guarantee the safety. Try to make suspended platform cover the whole working surface and guarantee to finish tasks precisely and efficiently.


On the other hand, the equipment of suspended platform should be accordance with the project. And make sure all kinds of accessories complete, intact and effective. Besides, you should carefully check the materials, and you can not mix different models of suspended platform.

In generally, the suspended platform enter into the construction site in the forms of parts, so the next step is installation. You should focus on monitoring whether each suspended platform is properly assembled and installed according to the program. And to make sure that the solid installation and intact components of suspended platform and the location of the placement is safe and reliable.

After finishing the installation of suspended platform on the site, you should organize the manufacture of suspended platform, technicians, production personnel and operators together to check and accept in timely. The point is control the install place of suspended platform, structure of the assembly and integrity of counterweight, safety rope, safety lock, electrical devices and so on.

Must ensure that all aspects of the suspended platform are qualified after checking and acceptance, you should begin to use. If the suspended platform is not pass through the check and accept, it can not put into use. The problem during the check and accept must to rectify in a limit time and then put into use when there is no problem.