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Requirements for use of mast climbing work platform
May 19, 2017

For those who are engaged in the construction industry, I believe that the mast climbing work platform is no stranger, then let me and everyone together to understand the mast climbing work platform.

Mast climbing work platform are non-standard lifting platform, and are generally used in environments where other lifting platform cannot work.


building hoist

The basic structure and classification of mast climbing work platform:

Mast climbing work platform has mast body, lifting system, stability system, power system.

The mast body includes a mast, base and its accessories.

The mast can be divided into lattice type and solid type (usually steel pipe) crane in the form of structure.

The lifting system is mainly composed of pulley block, guide wheel and wire rope.

The stabilization system mainly includes cable wind rope, ground anchor and so on.

Power system is mainly electric hoist.

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