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Some effective measures to ensure the correctness of the construction hoist troubleshooting
Aug 30, 2017

In the actual use of the process, we can not guarantee that products don’t have problems no matter how good the construction hoist. But the appearance of the failure is not state that there is quality problem of construction hoist. From the previous practical experience, we can see that a large part of the reasons caused by operators errors. 

But in any case, the failure of construction hoist will cause the project's security risks or even stagnation, it must be resolved in time. When we check the electrical system of construction hoist, we confirm that is problem here. 

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Most of this is because the virtual current generated by electrical system interference staff correct judgment of the construction hoist. 

According to our experience in maintenance, the virtual electricity of the construction hoist electrical system is mostly caused by poor line contact. In order to avoid such failures, it is necessary to protect the electrical system effectively. For example, observe the electrical components of the sealed waterproof parts whether are damaged; Especially for exposed to the outside air in the electrical connection part, to check whether there is rust corrosion phenomenon; For the already corroded wire connector, it should also be done in time to remove rust or replace the new components.

When encountered the harsh working environment, you should do regular dust removal to electrical components of construction hoist, which to prevent dust into the internal components. In addition, you should often check the electrical line connection of construction hoist. For contactors, circuit breakers and other switch components of the contacts, you must always do maintenance, so that to keep the contact surface of the device to maintain smooth.