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Some notices of pedal suspended platform during the installation
Jul 07, 2017

Because of the limit of technology, there isn’t electric suspended platform at the beginning. At that time, most of the driving units of suspended platform is manpower, which is called pedal suspended platform. Although the structure of this kind of suspended platform is simpler, there are a lot of notices you pay attention to in order to safety.

For instance, the install ground of pedal suspended platform is horizontal plane. If the the ground is tilted, you should put some reliable materials to make it horizontal. If the install ground is water-proof and heat preservation ground, you should put board that thickness about 2.5-3cm under the front support and ream support to avoid ruining the water-proof and heat preservation ground.

Before the usage, you should adjust the height of suspension mechanism. In theory, you should place the reach of front hanger higher than wall. The front beam extent is 0.3-1.5m.

If the length of suspension mechanism beyond the capacity length, you should take reliable actions to make sure the stability of suspended platform. Besides, the distance between front support and rear support should adjust the maximum allowable length of site.