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Suspended platform steel pipe is not easy to rust after a rigorous pickling process
Jul 21, 2017

The body of suspended platform is made of steel pipe. The premise is to ensure the integrity of the pipe in order to extend the life of the basket so the steel pipe must be properly treated. Pickling, for example, is the key to protect the suspended platform will not rust.

Before pickling the suspended platform steel pipe, the operator must wear the labor protection products. The operator should confirm something before pickling, such as check whether there is no obstacle, harness is intact. The main liquid to pickling suspended platform steel pipe is hydrochloric acid which adopt water to make it. At the same time, you should know the acid concentration, temperature and the tank tank washing tank tonnage and so on.

The weight of each pickling steel pipe should be controlled at 2-5 tons for 5-15 minutes. And the suspended platform steel pipe in the pickling should always vibrate, and vibration rise angle should not more than 15 °.

Nibbling steel pickling process, the need for acid tank heating. During the process of pickling suspended platform steel pipe, you need to warming the acid tank. And this time the steam tube should be fixed firmly and then open the steam valve. When the suspended platform steel pipe into the acid trough, make sure that it shall not hit the groove wall, in order to prevent damage to the acid tank or the suspended platform parts are damaged.

A lot of time, the suspended platform will appear under the situation of picking irony, it may be because put the substandard steel into the pickling; It is also possible that the steel pipe does not operate seriously during vibration; Or the basket of steel pickling time and hydrochloric acid content is insufficient.

All in all, the pickling of the steel tube can not be sloppy, any detail must be carefully cautious. The purpose is to ensure the quality of pickling, thereby reducing the possibility of rusting of the equipment during use.

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