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Test the feasibility of flip to use reducing device pinion of mast climbing work platform
Jul 17, 2017

When you overhaul the mast climbing work platform in the construction site, you will find the surface of low speed pinion of reducing device covered a lot of touch mottled, which is meaning the pinion has been worn out. Reducing device as the most important part of mast climbing work platform. The normal way is to change it. However, can the pinion be used in this case when you find the other side of pinion is intact?

 In order to test this idea, you can combine the condition and use feature of reducing device and drawing material to analyze it. The worn reducing device pinion isn’t apply to use, but the other side is intact and the reducing device is a double row pinion drive except low-speed shaft asymmetry, and the other some symmetrical symmetry in the two rows of pinion center line.

If the pinions and shafts of the two reducing devices can be translated and then reversed, that’s flip to use the reducing device pinion of mast climbing work platform. In this way, it does not change the direction of the motor, nor change the direction of movement of the tape conveyor.

That is, this assumption is feasible as long as the force is allowable during the operation of mast climbing work platform. Due to the presence of the wheel and the shoulder, all the ring pinion and pinion will not be axial displacement because of axial force, but to rely on them to pass to the wheel.

About the two reducing device pinions of mast climbing work platform, the direction of the axial force also becomes outward. Because of its opposite spiral direction, such as the ring pinion and the wheel between the static force to withstand the axial force and torque, then the two axial force on the wheel can balance each other.

The chance of getting the minimum static fit is very small, and it save a single key acceptable torque in order to safe. Therefore, in theory, flip to use reducing device pinion of mast climbing work platform is completely feasible.