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The method of wearing the wire rope of suspended platform and the installation steps of the hammer
Sep 01, 2017

In addition to some of the core components, the suspended platform will also be supporting some auxiliary devices, which include a rope and a heavy hammer. How much do you know about them? For example, the way of wearing wire rope, as well as the installation steps of heavy hammer, which have mastered it?


The correct way to wear wire rope is to pass the transfer switch on the panel of the suspended platform to the side of the elevator to be worn on the rope, so that the working wire rope from the safety lock limit wheel and the retaining ring inserted into the upper hole of the hoist; And then also start the uplink button, so that the suspended platform can be automatically raised to complete the work of the rope to wear the rope into the carry.

In the process of wearing a suspended platform, we must pay close attention to whether the abnormal phenomenon. If there is an abnormal phenomenon, you should immediately stop wearing rope work, and then put it into use when trouble is solved. When the wire rope is put in place, and then the safety lock will be opened automatically and the safety wire rope will be inserted from the upper end of the safety lock.

According to the same mode of operation, the other side of the suspended platform will also wear a wire rope. Need to remind everyone that you must straight  work wire rope and safety wire rope before they can be inserted into the hoist and safety lock, so as to avoid distortion of the two wire rope and affect the normal use of the basket.

There are also installation steps of heavy hammer. Because the hammer is fixed at the bottom of the wire rope that used to tighten and stabilize the wire rope parts, so it should be completed after the completion of the rope to install. When installing, keep the two halves in the bottom of the wire rope to leave the ground 15cm position. And then fastened to the wire rope with bolts, so that the vertical rope rope taut, and hammer can play a role of stabilizing wire rope of suspended platform.