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The purpose of designing shield plate of electric suspended platform and its installation method
Aug 22, 2017

It can be said that now as long as there is a construction site, you will find the electric suspended platform. Because in the high-rise buildings for exterior decoration, plastering, veneer brick, installation of glass curtain wall, paint coating, cleaning, maintenance, the electric suspended platform is a requisite equipment. It will be more efficient than the traditional way of working, and it also reduce the labor intensity of workers.

And the design of modern electric basket become more and more perfect, which not only taking the needs of the construction into account , but also taking the the labor environment of construction workers into account. The design of shield plate to  to meet this condition. It can improve the working environment of workers to meet the construction needs better.

The shield plate in the electric suspended platform is fixed by the fixing rod. It is a metal pipe and it connect an inverted U-shaped ring at the distance 100mm from the top. 

The setting of the shield plate is also required to support the rod, which is a metal tube with a diameter slightly smaller than the inner diameter of the fixing rod. It only needs to insert the lower end into the fixing rod, and the upper end is fixed with a link block, and install the mask after the patch can become a plate.

With it, workers in the electric suspended platform aren’t no longer expose to the weather, especially in the summer and winter. The entire working environment will be significantly improved, and the work efficiency can also get a certain degree of promotion.