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The purpose of set weight limiter of building hoist and regular maintenance
Sep 12, 2017

The building hoist won wide recognition in the market by its excellent quality performance and convenient operation, and it also bright great convenience to construction site. The building hoist will be set up the weight limiter as long as it up to the standard, in order to protect the safety of building hoist during the operation.

In other words, the weight limiter is actually the protect device of building hoist, it can effectively prevent some accidents due to overload caused by damage to the organization, wire rope breakage, brake brake failure and other accidents, to avoid the the impact load of starting moment.

Single Suspended Cradle.jpg

At present, the domestic production of the weight limiter circuit using conventional circuits, it also use single-chip microcomputer control circuit, but the function is basically the same. But for the building hoist, the reasonable choice of the weight limiter is still very important, but also to do the correct use and maintenance, which help to extend the life of the building hoist and maintain a good running and production safety.

In order to ensure the sensitivity of the action, you must make timely maintenance during the operation, so as to avoid its impact on the work performance due to the use of poor conditions and frequent work, thus interfering with its protective effect play, so the device must be carried out sensitivity and precision calibration after  using a period of time.