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Various usage of safety rope on the electric suspended platform
Jul 25, 2017

Safety rope is an indispensable part of the electric suspended platform, and it also the safety protection device. The safety rope of electric suspended platform is not more than one. Often used are parallel safety rope, vertical safety rope, fire safety rope and the wall cleaning rope, etc., and their usage are also different.

The parallel safety rope of the electric suspended platform is mainly used for horizontal movement on the steel frame, requiring a smaller elongation and a higher sliding rate. At the same time, it adopts the wire rope injection modeling, in order to facilitate the safety hook can be easily moved on the rope. Parallel safety rope wire core is 9.3mm and 11mm, after injection modeling, the diameter is 11mm or 13mm, which is to ensure durable.

The protective rope used to move vertically up and down the electric suspended platform is called a vertical safety rope, which needs to be used with the climbing self-locking device. The diameter of rope is between 16mm and 18mm.

The fire safety rope of electric suspended platform is used to escape. It can be divided into two kinds: weaving and twisting, and both forms are required strong, light, beautiful appearance. General fire safety rope diameter is 14mm-16mm, and a buckle at the side of suspended platform, with insurance card lock.

When the electric suspended platform for the external wall cleaning, it will set the external wall cleaning rope, sub-main rope and vice rope. The main rope is used to clean the sitting plate, and the secondary rope, the auxiliary rope, is used to prevent accidental fall. The main rope diameter is 18mm-20mm, requires a strong rope, not loose twist, high tensile strength; and vice rope diameter is 14mm-18mm, it has the same standard with other safety rope standard.