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What safety tests are involved in the suspended platform?
Aug 28, 2017

Suspended platform is one of the main facilities of high-altitude operations, its security must be ensured, so the facilities must be detected before starting a series of possible security risks in the suspended platform. About the examination content of dynamo suspended platform, what does include concretely?

1)Detect insulation suspended platform, measure its compliance with industry regulations for electric insulation of the basket; while doing load testing on suspended platform, so as to determine the various components in the suspended platform is normal or not and safety.

2)Begun testing suspended platform, static load test and it is a necessary process, in accordance with general suspended platform percentage load detection system, is mainly related to the suspended platform safety lock and other safety measures of the test, if there is abnormal will be immediately shut down equipment maintenance.

3)After the above two aspects of the test, but also began to overload detection suspended platform, if in the process of detection of unsafe conditions, so we should stop the test immediately, find the reasons for renovation. When troubleshooting suspended platform, and a shock detection and safety lock free fall detection to do.

The previous test of suspended platform requires the equipment to be raised and then rapidly lowered to detect the safety of the equipment. The latter test was designed to detect important components in suspended platform, a self-locking safety device, to ensure that the equipment did not appear in any form of damage.