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What should you pay attention to the setting and application of the suspended platform accessories?
Aug 01, 2017

There are many accessories on a suspended platform, such as safety rope, electric control box, switches and so on. The presence of these accessories can further improve the stability and safety of the suspended platform. So, these accessories are indispensable and their usage are also very important. 

When the suspended platform up or down one kilometer, there will stuck safety rope. Although it is very tedious, it can ensure the safe use of suspended platform. Safety rope plays a role of hanging suspended platform when there is dangers.

Electric control box is one of the accessories of suspended platform. It combines a variety of switching equipment, measuring instruments and auxiliary devices assembled in a closed or semi-enclosed metal cabinet according to the requirements of electrical wiring. And it provides the motivation for suspended platform working. As for the power, you need to take a good grasp of it, so that it can meet the norms of electricity and then put into use.

The suspended platform can be switched on or off by means of a manual or active switch during construction, you should check whether the power meets the requirements before working to ensure that it can accurately make the appropriate action. Such as whether the total power supply is installed overload protection; whether the switchboard to achieve the appropriate insulation specifications; electrical components and the use of load matching and so on.

In a word, you check suspended platform various components, and you should also focus on some easily overlooked accessories before put it to use. If some accessories aren’t meet the requirements or are damaged, you should replaced it in time to avoid ignore of details to affect the normal operation of the entire suspended platform.