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Building Hoist In The Lifting Of The Project When The Security Risks Prevent!
Jul 26, 2017

  Building Hoist in the lifting of the project when the security risks prevent!

  1, lifting machinery according to the requirements of the construction program selection, transported to the scene after reassembly, should be test run test and acceptance, to confirm compliance with the requirements and record, signature. After the inspection of the Building Hoist can continue to use and to hold the municipal authorities regularly issued by the quasi-license;

  2, the Building Hoist to do "ten not hanging";

  3, the Building Hoist to avoid loading with walking, such as the need for short distance with the load when walking, the load shall not exceed 70% of the allowable weight, the component from the ground shall not be greater than 50mm, and the components to the front, pull the rope, control components The swing;

  4, the strength of concrete prefabricated components at transportation is not less than 75% of the design of concrete, in the process of transport components of the support position and method should be based on the design of the hanging (pad) point set, should not cause excessive stress and the use of components damage. The stacking transport components must be separated by spacers or mats. The upper and lower mats should be kept on the same vertical line, the number of pad to meet the design requirements to avoid folding components; transport roads to have sufficient width and turning radius;

  5, hanging point selection should be with the weight of the center of gravity in the same vertical line, and the hanging point should be above the center of gravity, so that the vertical lifting of heavy objects,

  6, electric shock accident safety control points: lifting operation using line lighting, the voltage shall not exceed 36V.