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Building Hoist In The Purchase Of The Use Of The Process To Follow What Principles
Aug 08, 2017

  Building Hoist in the purchase of the use of the process to follow what principles

  The types of lifting machinery are: mast Building Hoists, self-propelled Building Hoists, tower Building Hoists three categories. The bridge Building Hoist is an important tool and equipment for realizing the mechanization and automation of the production process in modern industrial production and lifting transportation. Therefore, bridge Building Hoists in the indoor and outdoor industrial and mining enterprises, iron and steel chemicals, railway transportation, port terminals and logistics turnover and other departments and places are widely used. Building Hoists have such a wide range of applications, but in the purchase and use of the process must follow certain principles, as follows:

  ① When purchasing a Building Hoist, the enterprise should carry out the full feasibility, economic, technical and safety and reliability investment analysis and evaluation. Wuhan Building Hoist selection should choose the Building Hoist working type and work according to the boom and load change of the Building Hoist Level, the main technical parameters should meet the needs of enterprise safety production.

  (2) The production of the lifting machinery must be approved by the special equipment safety supervision and management department. The unit of use must be approved by the special equipment safety supervision and administration department before it can be put into use, and it can meet its safe operation conditions, Overload, over range use.

  ③ the use of units should have a strong Building Hoist use management capabilities, and can strictly abide by the use of lifting machinery, inspection, maintenance and technical file system; to ensure the normal operation of the lifting machinery, spare parts gas, work and safety devices work reliably, Sensitive operation, reliable control; working ability and operating efficiency in the normal range.

  Precautions when operating the Building Hoist

  (4) The working personnel of the lifting equipment must be trained by the special equipment safety supervision and management department, and the qualified personnel shall obtain the qualification for the operation and operation, and shall be able to consciously abide by the safe operation rules and operating discipline and consciously assume the management responsibility for safe use. Application of professionalism and professional skills and operational norms, operating civilization.

  ⑤ Building Hoist unit should continue to improve the lifting operation environment; lifting operations personnel to consciously maintain and maintain the workplace health, safe environmental conditions