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How Long Should The Building Hoist Be Stored
Jul 01, 2017

  How long should the Building Hoist be stored

  When the Building Hoist is deactivated, it is necessary to do all the maintenance measures and management in order to prevent the machine from corrupting or shortening the service life.

  On the one hand to conduct a comprehensive thorough cleaning, repair damaged parts, to maintain the normal operation.

  On the other hand to be neatly parked in the moisture-proof indoor, the ground should be smooth and to pave the wood, and then cover the cover to keep each machine can freely access.

  It is best to set the mechanical fuel lever in the idle position, each lever is set in the neutral position.

  Moreover, for the engine, battery storage mode is also very important. The engine needs to be filled with diesel and preservatives to prevent the fuel tank rust, disable, every month to start the engine, so that the mechanical parts to produce a new oil film, to prevent mechanical rust. To unload the battery down, clean up, stored in a dry place, if it is lead-acid batteries, need to charge once a month.

  There are two ways to deal with and prevent rust, one is stored before the discovery of local anti-rust paint patent leather off, you can use paint treatment, if a large area off, the need for machine painting repair. The second is for mechanical operation equipment scratches the paint, you can take the paint off the way to paint butter.

  Long-term storage of the Building Hoist In addition to the above several, but also should pay attention to its maintenance in the climatic conditions and Building Hoist safety management preparations. That is, the Building Hoist is best not to change in a variety of complex or regional or regional parking, a variety of weather will affect its performance, can be placed in a fixed parking site, and should strengthen the safety management to ensure product safety and durability, It can be better to maintain and manage the Building Hoist better for later use.