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How The Building Hoist Noise Is Produced
Jul 01, 2017

  How the Building Hoist noise is produced

  Mechanical because of its rotation or operation in the process will produce different forms of sound or even noise, a clear grasp and understand the causes of these noise can better improve the product and enhance its more perfect performance characteristics. Normally, the failure of the Building Hoist's running mechanism will cause severe vibrations and noises in the Building Hoist during braking. The main causes of serious vibration and noise are the following four points:

  1, due to the Building Hoist in the starting or braking, the role of the operation of inertial force;

  2, the operator illegal operation or operational errors, for example, the Building Hoist running in the opposite direction of the operation caused by reverse the motor caused by the impact of torque is too large.

  3, due to the lack of Building Hoist reducer lubricants.

  4, due to the two sides of the brake mechanism to adjust the tilt of the brake mechanism, in the braking process, both sides of the brake torque deviation, resulting in side torsion caused by vibration.

  In addition to some of the above reasons, the Building Hoist noise is also related to the work area environment and the cause of the Building Hoist itself, if itself is in the downtown or weekend a variety of bad sound environment, even if there is not much sound, in these environments Under the influence will still be very troublesome and produce a lot of unnecessary noise, so the work area is also affected. The other is the quality of the product, and more, this is from its own characteristics and performance direction to improve the product, improve its control effect, so that only the effect is good, no matter what kind of work area, are Can maintain a large extent is not a large noise state.