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How To Maintain The Electric Suspended Platform?
Jun 06, 2017

The full name of suspended platform is temporarily installed suspended access equipment. Electric suspended platform rises and falls by the friction force between the hoist and wire rope. In this process, the wire rope is always static. It is made by using advanced technology at home and abroad. The structure is reasonable. Compared with other structural suspended platform, it is more convenient, easy to operate, safe and reliable, standard variety, save investment, power advanced.

ZLP800 hot galvanized platform.jpg

ZLP800 hot galvanized platform

In order to ensure the construction safety of the suspended platform, it is necessary to establish the routine inspection and maintenance rules of the suspended platform operators and full-time personnel to ensure the normal and intact condition of the suspended platform. The new equipment, equiment with overhaul, set aside for one year or vacant parking for more than two months must be checked and tested by the professional personnel with training before use again.ZLP800 aluminum  alloy platform.jpg

ZLP800 aluminum  alloy platform

Every day before the start of the work, it is necessary for the suspended platform operator to carry out daily inspection and make a record of the equipment status.

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