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How To Prevent On-site Dumping Accident Of Single Cage Building Hoist?
Jun 16, 2017

  How to prevent on-site dumping accident of Single Cage Building Hoist?

  (1) To strengthen the driver's safety practice education, so that it can skillfully master the relevant technology.

  (2) Strictly abide by the Special equipment safety supervision regulations, such as the requirements of laws and regulations, the driver must hold a certificate,Single Cage Building Hoist and the vehicle regular inspection, supervision and so on.

  (3) for the special site of the project, the hoisting unit should be detailed investigation and demonstration, and make detailed work plan, but also to arrange full-time personnel on-site command.

  (4) To load the vehicle torque limiter, fundamentally eliminate the overload and with the occasional security hidden trouble.

  (5) When choosing the hoisting site,Single Cage Building Hoist it is necessary to choose the flat hard and hard open space without softness, collapse and manhole cover.

  (6) Maintenance of vehicles, to ensure that the vehicle is in good technical condition, especially to check the main arm, leg cylinder, support pad,Single Cage Building Hoist variable amplitude cylinder and other components have no cracks, oil leakage and so on.

  (7) Before hoisting, the driver must carry on the weight estimate to each a pieces of hoisting thing, prohibit blind hoisting.