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Impurities On The Building Hoist Can Not Be Ignored
Aug 08, 2017

  Impurities on the Building Hoist can not be ignored

  Although the Building Hoist is fairly stable equipment, but it is also in the process of running the external factors are also affected, which also includes some impurities. These impurities may have a fatal impact on the Building Hoist, so take some of the relevant preventive measures is very necessary for everyone to tell us in detail.

  Will adversely affect the Building Hoist impurities, mainly refers to the dust, soil and other non-metallic objects and metal shavings, wear products. When these impurities into the interior of the Building Hoist, not only will hinder the normal movement of the various components in the equipment, making them wear faster; but also damage to the equipment, the most obvious performance is the parts temperature, lubricating oil deterioration.

  To this end, how to solve it? First of all as far as possible to avoid the Building Hoist in some harsh environments; followed by the use of high-quality suitable for lubrication products to reduce the presence of impurities; again on the Building Hoist to conduct a comprehensive protection to prevent impurities into; when there are failures, The problem is serious.