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Introduction Of Three Hoisting Methods For Building Hoist
Jul 13, 2017

  Introduction of three hoisting methods for building hoist

  Building hoist is a kind of hoisting machinery which is common in various construction sites, logistics sites and transportation occasions. building hoist Stable performance and easy to use features make it popular with many people. Based on years of experience and market requirements. The construction hoist needed in the market can be roughly divided into three ways of promotion.

  1. Mechanical Upgrading

  The lifting mechanism consists of a motor, a reducer, a gear pay, a screw and a fixed nut. When lifting, the motor is turning, drive the reducer, gear, so that the screw in the fixed screw in the mother rotation, promote ascension.

  2. Hydraulic Lifting

  The hydraulic lifting mechanism consists of a Haffland card connected by a hydraulic station, an oil cylinder, a piston, a piston rod and a piston rod and a lift plate. Hydraulic lifting machinery Lifting, from the hydraulic station for high-pressure oil, building hoist when the pressure is greater than the friction of the lifting plate running, the lifting plate slowly lifted at this time, cut off the motor power supply, lifting action completed.

  3, Manual Upgrade: is the spiral mechanical jack to promote the lifting plate will filter board.

  In the structural structure of the building hoist, building hoist the hoisting structure is the main motive force of its supply and development, and it shows the extremely important characteristics in the process of its work, and the above three kinds of lifting methods are divided according to the different working methods. Different methods can be divided into different types.