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Maintenance And Repair Of Parts Of Building Hoists
Jul 26, 2017

  Maintenance and repair of parts of Building Hoists

  1 maintenance of motor and reducer

  Often check the motor casing and bearing parts of the temperature, motor noise, vibration has no abnormal phenomenon.

  In the case of frequent start-up, due to the low speed of the ventilation and cooling capacity is reduced, and the current is larger, the motor temperature rise will soon improve, Building Hoist it should be noted that the motor temperature rise must not exceed the specified value of the specification.

  Adjust the brake according to the requirements of the Motor manual.

  The daily maintenance of the reducer can refer to the manual of the manufacturer. And should always check the anchor bolts of the reducer, the connection should not be loosened.

  2 Lubrication of walking device

  First use should open the reducer ventilation cap, to ensure good ventilation to reduce internal pressure. Before work should check the speed reducer lubricating oil surface height to meet the requirements, if lower than the normal oil surface, should increase the same type of lubricating oil.

  Walking mechanism of the wheels of the bearings, in the assembly has been filled with enough grease (calcium base grease), do not need to daily refueling, every two months through the injection hole or open the bearing cover, Building Hoist add a grease, the annual dismantling, cleaning and replacement of a grease.

  Each open gear meshing place apply grease once a week.

  3 Hoist group Maintenance and maintenance

  Often observe the gearbox oil window, check the lubricating oil surface is in the specified range, when the lower than the required oil level, the timely replenishment of lubricating oil.

  When the Building Hoist is not used very frequently and the sealing condition and the use environment is good, the lubricating oil in the gearbox is replaced every six months, Building Hoist and the use of the environment is bad, and the quarterly replacement. Oil should be changed immediately when the water in the tank is found to be foam and the oil has deteriorated. When changing oil, should be strictly according to the gearbox use specification of oil replacement, should not be mixed use of oil.

  The bearing seat at both ends of the reel shall be filled with grease once every two days, and the surface of the reel and the wire rope shall be coated with grease. Building Hoist The rolling bearing of the stationary and movable pulley group shall be supplemented with grease once a month.

  Brake each connecting rod movable axle to add lubricating oil every week.