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Precautions For Use In Building Hoist
Jun 02, 2017

  Precautions for use in Building Hoist

  (1) Before the function, should check the Building Hoist and the ground fixed, the elastic coupling must not loose. And should check safety devices, protective equipment, electrical wiring, 0 or grounding lines, braking devices and wire rope, all qualified before use.

  (2) The use of belt or open gear parts, should be equipped with protective cover, guide pulley can not be used to pull plate pulley.

  (3) with the power of the Building Hoist, the drum rotation direction should be in line with the direction indicated on the control switch.

  (4) Building Hoist must have a good grounding or 0 devices, grounding resistance should not be greater than 10 Ω. On a power supply network, grounding or 0 shall not be mixed.

  (5) Before use, the Building Hoist should be transported by air to the no-load positive and reverse test 5 times, check the operation is smooth, there are no normal sound, the transmission braking mechanism is flexible and reliable, the fastener and the connection parts have no loose phenomenon, lubrication is good, there is no oil leakage phenomenon.

  (6) The selection of wire rope shall conform to the original specification. The wire rope on the reel should be left with not less than 3 laps, and the end of the wire rope should be fixed securely; the distance from the outside of the drum to the outermost wire rope should not be less than 1.5 times times the diameter of the wire rope.

  (7) The wire rope should be connected with the reel and the hanging cage firmly, not with the rack or the ground friction, passes the road, should set the crossing protection device.

  (8) in the Building Hoist brake lever of the travel range, there should be no obstruction or resistance card phenomenon.

  (9) The Wire rope on the reel should be arranged neatly, when overlapping or oblique around, should stop to rearrange, prohibit in the rotation with the hand me to tread the wire rope.

  (10) In the operation, no person shall cross the winch wire rope in operation. After the object is upgraded, the operator shall not leave the building hoist, the object or the hanging cage is forbidden to stay or pass. When resting, the object or cage should be lowered to the ground.

  (11) In the operation, such as the discovery of abnormal sound, production of the spirit, brake belt or bearing temperature, such as sharp rise in unusual conditions, should be immediately shut down to check, to eliminate the failure of the rear can be used.

  (12) in the operation of power outages or breaks, should cut off the power supply, lifting objects or hanging cage to the ground. The operator should lock the switch box when leaving the scene.