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What Are The Safety Measures When The Building Hoist Is Operating?
Aug 08, 2017

  What are the safety measures when the Building Hoist is operating?

  Building Hoist is an important lifting equipment for construction sites. It is a tool for lifting and handling large steel and building materials. Of course, Building Hoists are not only used in construction sites. Many other occasions also use Building Hoists, but Building Hoists are all large Of the items, so once the operation will be a serious accident, do the safety of the Building Hoist operation is quite necessary, then we should take what measures to ensure that the operation is foolproof?

  1. Relevant government departments to strengthen management oversight

  The Building Hoist must be forced to install safety devices such as torque protectors. At the same time to always check the automatic alarm, chain protection, braking and other control systems to ensure the safety of the Building Hoist. For Building Hoist manufacturers to high standards. Strict requirements. For the fast Building Hoist can not be used for engineering operations.

  2. To strengthen staff training

  For the Building Hoist operator, we must first have a corresponding practitioner qualification certificate, the relevant departments should be strictly good first off. In addition to the regular organization of professional training, and to check. The professional ethics of the practitioners are also quite important. At the same time to enhance the mechanical management knowledge and enhance the mechanical skills, engineering and technical personnel must also have a corresponding assessment.

  3. To carry out safety education of lifting machinery

  Before carrying out the Building Hoist operation, have the relevant responsible personnel to carry out safety education for the operator, to remind them to pay attention to what safety matters. Do not listen to the sudden situation by the corresponding emergency measures, a rainy day will be in danger.

  4. Establish and improve the safety production responsibility system

  Lifting machinery safety production responsibility system is an important part of enterprise safety production responsibility system and one of the important contents of enterprise job responsibility system. Lifting machinery safety production responsibility system to achieve double implementation. To organize the implementation, there must be construction safety agencies, both the construction safety, but also the safety of machinery. Second, the implementation of the work, safety management of the content and responsibilities to be implemented in the system, the implementation of each person to implement the implementation of the construction of practical activities.