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What Are The Safety Rules For Building Hoist?
Jul 13, 2017

  What are the safety rules for building hoist?

  Construction hoist Safety Operating procedures and construction hoist operation safety technology to the low-down.

  First, the construction hoist should be installed in a solid, good view of the location, the fuselage and ground anchor connection must be firm, building hoist drum and guide pulley centerline should be perpendicular to the building hoist distance derrick Pulley should not be less than 15m.

  Second, before the operation should check the wire rope, clutch, brakes, insurance wheels, body pulley and other confirmed safe and reliable square operation. Check the wire rope and derrick for any friction.

  Third, the wire rope on the reel must be arranged neatly, the operation of the drum wire rope minimum must keep three laps, operating when no one crossing the construction hoist wire rope.

  Four, the lifting of heavy weights in the air to stay, in addition to the use of brakes, and the application of gear insurance card.

  Five, the operator must hold a certificate, strictly prohibit the operation, prohibit working hours without permission to leave the work.

  Six, in the work to listen to the command of the signal, the signal is unknown or may cause an accident should be suspended operation, until the situation can be clarified to continue operation.

  VII. The operation of sudden power failure, should immediately open the knife, will be put down the transport.

  Eight, the work finished, should be the material plate landing, opening electric box.

  Construction Hoist Operation Safety Technical disclosure

  1, the construction hoist should be installed in a solid and stable, good view of the place, under the application of square wood mat, set up to prevent rain work shed.

  2, construction hoist anchor must be set up, not using trees, poles, buildings instead of anchors, fixed building hoist should be on each side of the machine to lay two of steel pipe to prevent the use of timing seat left and right sliding.

  3, guide pulley shall not use open pulley, wire rope model should be based on the calculation of load weight, wire rope in use should not be dragged to bend, not to use the oil core exposed and compressed steel wire rope, on the reel to maintain more than three laps of the safety circle, and arranged neatly. Reel wire rope Tangled, must be two people with winding, one operation, one person outside the 5M with hand guidance, prohibit one person with hands, feet to guide the winding, to prevent the hand or foot into the accident.

  4, before using to check whether the brake is sensitive, building hoist, Derrick, magnets has no abnormality, fuselage, derrick is solid and reliable, transmission part of the protection is complete and effective, the various parts of the fastener is intact and reliable. After the examination and commissioning qualified, the square quasi operation. The driver must hold the induction certificate operation, the magnets inside is strictly forbidden to take the person up and down, magnets should set up the protective door. Lifting frame 4M at the bottom of the high position device, to prevent magnets race down lifting rack.

  5, the work encountered a power outage, the driver will magnets put to the ground, not hanging in mid-air. The work is finished, cut off power, lock the brake box.

  6. Check the operation of wire rope, wheel and ground pulley every day and add oil once a week.

  7, the driver must listen to the contact signal before starting the construction hoist.

  8, hanging cage without safety door, unloading platform no safety door is not allowed to drive.