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What Should Be Paid Attention To In The Examination Of Electric Suspended Platform?
Jun 06, 2017

What should we pay attention to the inspection of the electric suspended platform, do you know? Generally, we check the suspended platform every two months.

 The point needed to be checked as below.

1.Wear condition of friction plate of electromagnetic brake and damage condition of cable.


suspended platform

2.If you add anti rust oil to safety lock after use?

3.The hoist gear should be replaced by lubricating oil for the first time after three months. The lubricating oil is added every month, and the lubricant is changed every six months.

4.Parts of safety lock should be added lubricant every month.

5.Set up suspended platform equipment files and keep the suspended platform intact.

ZLP500 aluminum alloy platform.jpg

ZLP500 aluminum alloy platform

6.When the wearing parts reach the scrap standard, they will be scrapped and replaced.

7.Electrical wiring, electrical components and electrical junction must keep dry, clean, no oil fouling.

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