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Connecting Sleeve Platform Suspended Platform/gondola/building Cradle, 800KG Suspended Platform Hoist/ Motor, 630KG Suspended Platform

Connecting Sleeve Platform Suspended Platform/gondola/building Cradle, 800KG Suspended Platform Hoist/ Motor, 630KG Suspended Platform

LTD6.3 or LTD8.0 hoist motor for suspended platform/gondola/building cradle Description ZLP800 Working platform The Main Technical Data 1. Model: ZLP500, ZLP630, ZLP800, ZLP1000 2. Rated Load: ZLP500:500KGS, ZLP630:630KGS, ZLP800:800KGS, ZLP1000:1000KGS 3. Lifting Speed: ZLP630:8.3m/min,...

Product Details

LTD6.3 or LTD8.0 hoist motor for connecting sleeve suspended platform/ gondola/ building cradle  Description

The Main Technical Data

1.Model: ZLP500, ZLP630, ZLP800, ZLP1000

2.Rated Load: ZLP500:500KGS, ZLP630:630KGS, ZLP800:800KGS, ZLP1000:1000KGS

3.Lifting Speed: ZLP800:8.3m/min, ZLP630/ZLP500:9.6m/min

4.Steel Rope Angle Adjusting Range: 3degree-8degree

5.Distance between Two Steel rope: <=100mm

6.Rated Stretch of Front Beam: 1500mm

7.Counterweight: ZLP630:25kgsx36pcs, ZLP800:25kgsx40pcs

8.Diameter of Steel Rope: ZLP630/ZLP500:8.3mm, ZLP800:8.6mm

9.Frequency: 50HZ

The main Part

1.Suspension Mechanism and Counterweight

The Height of the platform can be adjusted within 1150-1800mm with arm which can be stretched out and drawn back, it can be widely used parapet and complicated building in different height, and we can also supply customized platform to meet different requirement from the customers



2.Working Platform

We have different capacity platform for different request, the Main capacity is: 500kgs, 630kgs, 800kgs, 1000kgs.

3.Hoist Motor

Now we have five different Hoist Motor for you choosing,  LTD5.0, LTD6.3, LTD 8.0, LTD10.0.

Hoist Motor: Power and Voltage: 1.5KW*2, 1.8KW*2, 2.2KW*2, 380V-415V, 50HZ, 3phase

Drive disk Assembly material: 38CrMoA1A(Best material)

4.Electrical Control box

Installed with international and national famous brands electrical components, our electrical control system consists of many protection devices, Such  safety devices as electrical leakage protection device, automatic limited switch , creep age and overheat protection ,emergency brake ,current overload proof, which make operate more easier ,safer and reliable .

Contactors: Schneider Brand

5.Safety Lock

When the steel wire rope is broken, blocked, slip out of the hoist or the working platform inclines, the safety lock will lock the rope within 100mm, this safety device is high advanced in China now.

Safety lock: (anti-tilting type)
Permission force of impact:30KN
Locking Cable Angle:3°~8°


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If you're looking for the connecting sleeve platform suspended platform/gondola/building cradle, 800kg suspended platform hoist/ motor, 630kg suspended platform, welcome to contact us. We are one of the professional China manufacturers and suppliers, equipped with a productive factory at your service. You can rest assured to buy our customized products made in China with reasonable price.
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