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Wire Rope Platform Suspended Platform/gondola/building Cradle, 800KG Suspended Platform Hoist/ Motor, 630KG Suspended Platform

Wire Rope Platform Suspended Platform/gondola/building Cradle, 800KG Suspended Platform Hoist/ Motor, 630KG Suspended Platform

LTD6.3 or LTD8.0 hoist motor for suspended platform/gondola/building cradle Description ZLP800 Working platform The Main Technical Data 1. Model: ZLP500, ZLP630, ZLP800, ZLP1000 2. Rated Load: ZLP500:500KGS, ZLP630:630KGS, ZLP800:800KGS, ZLP1000:1000KGS 3. Lifting Speed: ZLP630:8.3m/min,...

Product Details

LTD6.3 or LTD8.0 hoist motor for wire rope suspended platform/gondola/building cradle  Description

The hoist is drive units of suspended platform. It adopts electrical climbing structure, which makes hoist works along the working wire rope and drives working platform up or down.

Now we have 2 different Hoist Motor for you choosing,  LTD6.3 and LTD 8.0.

Hoist Motor: Power and Voltage: 1.5KW*2, 1.8KW*2, 2.2KW*2, 380V-415V, 50HZ or 60HZ ,3 phase or single phase. 


There are many parts of suspended platform, such as electric box,safety lock, suspension mechanism, work pkatform and so on. The following are details of electric biox, safety lock and work platform.

Elecrtic Box        

Electric control box is in charge of operation of suspended platform. Its main control objects are suspended platform parts. You should install electrical control element on a insulating plate and switch power light, starting button and emergency brake, so you can control suspended platform flexible.                                                          


Safety Lock

Safety lock is a typical protective unit of suspended platform. If the suspended platform tilts to its limit or working wire rope break, the pressure on the swing arm of safety lock will reduce or impair. The safety rope clip swiftly closes and locks safety wire rope to prevent suspended platform from dropping or tilting by the fraction as that in between torsion spring, rope clip and wire rope.



Working Platform

Working platform is the main working site of operators, which consists of the balustrade on the working site, the balustrade on the back side, baseboard and mounting rack of hoist. The parts can be jointed with bolts and nuts to compose a whole.


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