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  • Industrial Platform Lifts,Cheap platform lifts

    Industrial Platform Lifts,Cheap platform liftsSC hoist is a rack & pinion EL.Lift, used on construction site for transportation of personnel and materials, hoist function degree is A8. It is installed and dismounted conventiently and can grow as high as the building grow in height. SC hoist has teliable electrical safety device. It is efficient and safety vertical transporting equipment.Read More

  • Industrial Lifting Equipment Single Person Suspended Cradles

    Industrial Lifting Equipment Single Person Suspended CradlesSmall Platform Lifts Description TDT SC type construction hoist is a new generation product designed by construction mechanization research, Chinese Academy of Architecture. It is of high technology and of high safety, convenient to maintain, is an ideal Vertical transport tool for modern...Read More

  • Mast Climbing Work Platform, industrial Platform manufacturers

    Mast Climbing Work Platform, industrial Platform manufacturersSCP platform is a rack and pinion machinery lift. It was reliable electrical and mechanical safety devices. It can grow in height. The platform can be increased reduced and widened according to requirement. It is requisite equipment on construction. TDT platform adopts NORD made in German in motor brake and reducing device and European famous product in all electrical components and mechanical parts such as bearing and seals. Imported from foreign country. Surface of mast and steel structure of tie-in are galvanized to ensure good anticorrosive function.Read More